About Us


Dahl's Pharmacy is a family owned company, and we love what we do! For us it's all about the people: our patients, employees and the communities we serve. We aspire to create a pharmacy where patients come first, employees feel valued and we meet and support the changing health care needs of our communities.

Nathan's love of pharmacy began as a pharmacy delivery driver in high school. He soon realized that pharmacy patients were more that just customers, they were people with unique needs and personalities. Finding ways to best serve the individual was a top priority. Following high school Nathan pursued a career in the construction industry, but was left feeling unfulfilled. He realized that he missed pharmacy and the fulfillment of helping patients. Nathan earned a PharmD degree from Idaho State University and has never looked back. He is committed to maintaining independently owned pharmacies in Northern Nevada that provide the very best in patient care.

"Our pharmacy specializes in offering you and your family only the finest medicine and care products available."

- Nathan Dahl